Tree Of Life

TreeOf Life

The placenta is a unique physiological miracle. Every placenta has a highly regulated process and contains what is called the Tree Of Life, serving to give nutrition to the baby throughout the 40 week gestation.

Every tree in nature is the same way. I have never seen a tree looking exactly like any other tree.

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Welcome to the Gentle Birth Podcast

Gentle Birth Podcast

Gentle Birth Podcast

This episode is a walk-through of what you can expect from these podcasts.

Firstly, I will be having weekly interviews with gentle birth or natural childbirth experts, about to pregnancy health, pregnancy nutrition, nursing tips with lactation specialist, local Doula recommendations and much, much more.

The midwives from Birth Care in Bart Township Lancaster County will also have a voice in these podcasts.

What would you like to hear on these podcasts? Would you like to be a guest? Please let us know what is on your mind.

I have been a nurse for three decades in women’s health, and I’m somewhat of a techie. I love to podcast and know our patients and our audience will appreciate topics that focus on women, women’s health, and our dedication to preserving out of hospital births.

Gentle birth is the beginning of a lifelong dedication to the health of our children and their children for the next seven generations, and beyond.

Gentle birth is a mindset of respect, slowing down, and being present to our surroundings and to the gentle birthing process.

At some point in the future, these podcasts will be on iTunes and I look forward to you subscribing to them.

Happy Mother’s Day and have a wonderful week!


Welcome to Birth Care Blog

  I am one of the happy bloggers for this site, as well as an RN at the Birth Center. Serving the Amish Community and others who desire a natural birth is one of the greatest honors.

Birth can be and often is a miracle of life especially at a birthing center, removed from the hurry and haste of hospital emergencies. We are trained to handle emergencies, too,  and do so very well, but are a place where high risk is weaned out and normal labor and delivery is our forte.

As one of our nurses recently said, “I was coming home from a home birth and it hit me! I feel like I just left a visit with friends, not a job!”

Birth Care is a way of life. Many of us worked in high risk settings before coming home to Birth Care. And we want our patients to feel our dedication to making Birth Care their second home, too.

Coming Soon: The Gentle Birth Podcast